Welcome to Folklandia Cruise, Helsinki – Tallinn
7-8 January 2022

Finland's biggest folklore winter event opens the festival year for the 26th time on M/S Silja Europa from the 7th to the 8th of January 2022.
It will be sizzling hot folk fun once again for everyone!

On the cruise you have a chance to see more than a hundred different ensembles from various countries, all of them being the top names of folk music and folk dance. The Folklandia cruise plays and dances for 22 hours, offering the whole package of folk euphoria for 3000 cruise guests. At midnight Folklandia dances Huutokatrilli, midday is reserved for competing in the Finnish championships of Tikkuristi. Hurray Folk! party is dedicated for celebrating those, who have achieved great things on the field of folk.

Finnish championships of Tikkuristi 
Finnish championships of Tikkuristi, that is open for everyone, can be won with fast feet. Tikkuristi is a genre for skilled folks, where solo dancers dance between two sticks crossed over each other. The winner is the one who can dance the longest without touching the sticks, while the tempo of the music keeps speeding up.

Welcome to join the fun! 

Buy your tickets here:
Or via e-mail: matkat@ikaalistenmatkatoimisto.fi 

Wish to throw a gig on board? Let us know by the end of August 2021!

Background organizers for the Folklandia cruise are the most important Finnish and Nordic associations, events and schools in the field of folk. The practical side is organized by Finnish Youth Association's event office Pispala Sottiisi in Tampere. We are a member of CIOFF (The International Council of Organizations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art). 

We are all equal in Folklandia!
Equality is important to us. Since the year 2009 Finnish Youth Association has declared to be a discrimination-free zone. Our goal at the Folklandia cruise is that anyone participating in our activities or events will have have equal opportunities to take part in them and to be treated equally no matter what their background is. In addition to not to discriminate anyone, it is also about understanding, attitudes, way of thinking and considering others.