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​Welcome to Folklandia Cruise, Helsinki – Tallinn
11 January 2019 - 12 January 2019

Finland's biggest folklore winter event opens the festival year for the 24th time on M/S Silja Europa from the 11th to the 12th of January 2019. It will be sizzling hot folk fun once again for everyone!
On the cruise you have a chance to see 134 different ensembles from 10 different countries, all of them being the top names of folk music and folk dance.

The Folklandia cruise plays and dances for 22 hours, offering the whole package of folk euforia for 3000 cruise guests. At midnight Folklandia dances Huutokatrilli, midday is reserved for competing in the Finnish championship of Tikkuristi. Hurray Folk! party is dedicated for celebrating those, who have achieved great things on the field of folk. The full Folklandia program is released here 15th of November 2018.

The theme of the year 2019 for Promotion Centre for Finnish Folk Music & Folk Dance is ”Around the world – internationality in folk dance and folk music”. Finnish folk music and folk dance already have international starting points:
”Normally traditions are thought in a way that the older it is, more Finnish it is. Anything borrowed is un-Finnish. Actually it's the other way around: the older it is, more international it is,”  Heikki Laitinen, Emeritus Professor of Folk Music at the Sibelius Academy, says in his book ”A Lightning Hit the Souls”.

Promotion Centre for Finnish Folk Music & Folk Dance is taking on a theme this year called ”Around the World – internationality in folk dance and folk music”. The 2019 ”Together on the crest of the folk wave” events include Ethnogala at Tavastia Club ( on Thursday 10th of January, FolkForum seminar at Sibelius Academy on Friday 11th of January, Folklandia Cruise from Friday the 11th to Saturday 12th of January and Folklandia After Party  at restaurant Kaisaniemi on Saturday the 12th of January.

Background organizers for the Folklandia cruise are the most important Finnish associations, events and schools in the field of folk. The practical side is organized by Finnish Youth Association's event office Pispala Schottische from Tampere.

Kuva Ilkka Karppanen

News 15.11.2019
Contemporary flamenco group Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin to Folklandia!
Sizzling hot folk fun is once again on the menu when the biggest winter happening of folklore will open the Finnish festival year for the 24th time. We will travel the world and its spheres! Folklandia Cruise has 134 different ensembles from 10 different countries, all of them being the top names of folk music and folk dance. Folklandia program has a wide range of all different kinds of artists, each one more interesting than the last. Traditions are used in multiple ways and the limitations of genres are happily broken.

Award-winning contemporary flamenco group Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin is performing on Folklandia for the first time and they bring us The Horse Trilogy”. It's a solo piece by Kaari Martin consisting different parts, including music composed by Roni Martin to Finnish poet Pentti Saarikoski's texts ”Crazy man's horse” and ”Two-headed horse”. The trilogy is completed by ”Frou Frou, my horse” from the novel Anna Karenina.

New piece by choreographer Hanna Poikela called ”Kyllikki” will take us upon on a journey in the history of a Finnish woman's body and her sexuality. In this dance piece the maidens of Impivaara are having a dialogue with the women of generation Y.

Estonia's 100th anniversary festivities continue on Folklandia with top musicians: Duo Tuulikki Bartosik & Timo Alakotila, Eva Väljaots, MandoTrio and Duo Malva & Priks. For the first time Folklandia is also hosting one of the most popular folk bands in Estonia: ensemble Rüüt with its four members playing traditional Estonian folk music. The music has been characterized mystical, skillfull and harmonic.

This year Finnish music comes for instance from Frigg, a group including quite the few virtuosos of modern folk music and that is known for its energetic live performances, and the splendid Sväng, a group that has set new standards for harmonica music. Also joining the fabulous party is ensemble Pauanne, who uses instruments that according to old beliefs were sinful. Now the group plays contemporary folk music where traditions are made understandable to a modern human. Also the rising star mammantytöt! is charming the audience in Folklandia with their glamorous interpretation of traditions and strong duet-playing, and who offer their listeners ”cool Finnish folk”.

On Folklandia cruise there are various nominees in different categories of Ethnogala 2019,
such as  Kaari Martin and Hanna Poikela for Dance Creator of the Year, mammantytöt! and Pauanne for Newcomer of the Year, and Sväng being nominated both for Artist of the Year and Border Breaking Act of the Year.
Folklandia is the center of high voltage that pampers both heart and the soul. Welcome to the waves of folk!

News 21.12.2019
Here are some tips for a Folklandia cruise
Hurray Folk!
Hurray Folk! announces and celebrates the renowned participants and influential peo¬ple of folk dance and music: The Director of the Year, The Young Folk Musician of the Year, The Ensemble of the Year of Kaustinen, The Dance Act of the Year, The Folk Music Record of the Year, Wäinö of the Year etc. Performances Duo Riikka Timonen and Sen¬ni Eskelinen, Dancetheatre Kamala and folkdancegroup Katrilli.
Ocean Club, 8th deck, from 6.30 to 7.30 pm

Huutokatrilli on two decks
The shared midnight moment of all the cruise guests. The screamer of Huutokatrilli is folk dance master Antti Savilampi and the music is provided by folk music ensemble Nope. If you miss it, you can still make it to the other Huutokatrilli on the 7th deck that starts 12.30 am where the screamer is where the screamer is Elias Martikainen and folk music ensemble Itä-Länsi Express are.
Ocean Club, 8th deck, from 11.45 pm to 12.15 am. Fast Lane, 7th deck, from 12 am to 12.20 am

Finnish championship of Tikkuristi
Finnish championship of Tikkuristi, that is open for everyone, can be won with fast feet. Tikkuristi is a genre for skilled folks, where solo dancers dance between two sticks crossed over each other. The winner is the one who can dance the longest without touching the sticks, while the tempo of the music keeps speeding up. Registration for the contest at the Folklandia info on Saturday by 11 am, on the 7th deck or half an hour before the competition starts.
Ocean Club, 8th deck, from 12 pm to 12.30 pm

24th time’s the charm! Folklandia cruises since 1996!

We are all equal in Folklandia!
Equality is important to us. Since the year 2009 Finnish Youth Association has declared to be a discrimination free zone. Our goal at the Folklandia cruise is that anyone participating in our activities or events will have have equal opportunities to take part in them and to be treated equally no matter what their background is. In addition to not to discriminate anyone, it is also about understanding, attitudes, way of thinking and considering others.

Folklandia has chosen some people to help anyone who is feeling discriminated on the cruise and these people can be contacted during the cruise too. People on call are available on Friday from 6.30 pm to 2 am and on Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm via whatsapp or text messages: +358 41723 2337. More information can be found at Folklandia info, Silja Europa Lounge, deck 7.